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This book provides the principles to fundraising; from budgeting for success to finding the money to win. It includes: fundraising ideas, such as dinners, raffles and 100 clubs; the latest GDPR and PPERA advice checked for compliance by Liberal Democrat HQ; finding and talking to big donors; and legacy fundraising...
Price: £14.00

This book is your guide to telling your residents who you are, what you believe in and why you are the right person to represent them. We explain how we can communicate with the right audience, make sure that they understand and like who we are and, crucially, vote for us. Messaging to Win is written by campaigners, for campaigners, with the simple aim of helping you and other Liberal Democrats get elected...
Price: £14.00

What exactly do councillors do? Buy this book to find out from two of Liverpool’s most experienced Liberal Democrat councillors. With a combined 60+ years of service to the people of Liverpool – Erica and Richard Kemp are uniquely qualified to tell you...
Price: £14.00

The new second Edition of Pick a Ward and Win it
Price: £14.00

In Towards a Liberal Future, David Howarth and Bernard Greaves set out their view of liberalism. They look at how the party has failed to practice and communicate its core values and they set out how we can fix this...
Price: £14.00

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